With the contribution of the LIFE financial instrument of the European Community

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Project actions

1. Project management: The overall objective of this action is to provide a successful coordination and management of the individual action and activities in order to accomplish the project's goals and objectives within the budget constraints.

2. Base line scenario and capacity building: during this action all the information on existent model and climate forecasting scenarios and on international experiences in local adaptation plans will reviewed and analyzed.

3. Local impact assessment : This action aims at defining a shared methodology for local impact assessment. Local impact assessments will be developed by each city taking into account economic, social and environmental aspects. At the end of this action a road map for local adaptation strategies will be created to guide local authorities in developing a local adaptation strategy.

4,5,6 Local adaptation strategies: In these actions each municipality will establish its own local adaptation board (including the main stakeholders involved) and will develop the actual local adaptation plan. The three cities involved will officially approve their local adaptation plan.

7. Evaluation of project results: During this action project results will be evaluated through a peer review that aims at developing guidelines that can be implemented by other municipalities willing to develop local adaptation plans.

8. Communication and dissemination of results: This last action aims at disseminate and communicate the methodological guidelines developed within the project to a wide range of public.

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